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albert poncedeleon

Location of Photo:

Carbondale, IL

Date/Time of photo:

January 11, 2022; 8.00 pm - 9 pm


61mm triplet sharpstar; ZEQ25GT ioptron; zwo294MC camera


This is a frequently imaged DSO, the Rossette nebula and its central cluster NGC2244. Although it seems easy to image, I have learned that the night has to cooperate too. The size of the object gets too large while using a high-power telescope (127mm or larger aperture). So, I tried the smallest I have (the 61mm triplet sharpstar at 4.4 Fr) and it has captured decent images of the Rossette. It is 5,219 LY away from earth in the constellation Monoceros with an apparent magnitude of 9. It is a giant molecular cloud H-II region. It is believed that the cluster formed with the nebula's gases and materials. A total of live stacking of 4,790" in Sharpcap. Used adobe elements to clean and adjust colors and background. Info source Wikipedia.