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Location of Photo:

Near La Serena, Chile

Date/Time of photo:

13. Nov 2023


TEC APO200FL (f/16)


Saturn with its moons Titan (left), Rhea (top) and Tethys (bottom). The different colours of the moons are clearly visible. While Titan has an orange-yellowish colour due to its tholin-containing atmosphere, Rhea and Thetys appear whitish due to their icy surfaces. Saturn's rings A (outer), B (centre) and C (inner) as well as the Encke division in the A ring and the large Cassini division between the A and B rings are visible in the image. In Saturn's atmosphere, the northern equatorial bands, the bands at moderate northern latitude, the northern polar band and the planet's north polar cap are visible from the equator to the north (top). The shadow of the planet on Saturn's ring as well as the shadow cast by the ring on the planet can be recognised. The apparent inclination of Saturn's ring is only about eight degrees.