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David Zammit

Location of Photo:

United States

Date/Time of photo:

7:53 on June 5 2012


Canon 600mm F4 with 2X Teleconverter


Got out of work later than I had planned and raced home. We had been having the worst May gray/June gloom in SD but lo & behold, on this particular day, the weather cleared late morning. I took some filtered shots from the back yard and then we went to Ocean Beach to try and include the OB Pier in the frames. OB was in full party mode, as always. Lucked out on a parking spot and set up approx 20 minutes before sunset. End of Newport Avenue in OB is a magnet for all types of 60's type prophets and gurus so the occasion was colored by many loud pronouncements of Ecstasy and talks of Vortexes. All in all, it turned out perfectly and I got a couple of decent shots to boot.


2356 Evergreen Street


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