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Ken Vaughan

Location of Photo:

Cattle Point, Victoria, BC, Canada

Date/Time of photo:

28 July 20


12" Meade LX200GPS, ZWO ASI178MM, Astronomik 742 filter


This area of the Moon, southeastern Mare Imbrium, has a wealth of features: mountains, large craters, ghost craters, and small craters. The three large craters at right are Archimedes (83 km), Aristillus (55 km), and Autolycus (40 km). They snuggle against the Apennine Mountains. The large crater at left is Eratosthenes (60 km). The crater at top is Timocharis (35 km). To the immediate left of Eratosthenes is the ghost crater, Stadius (70 km), completely filled with lava.


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