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Angelo Francesco Gambino

Location of Photo:

Aci Castello (Catania, Italy)

Date/Time of photo:



Nikon D3300, Nikkor 55-300 mm used at 170mm, F/25. Stack of six images taken with ISO 200, 0.769 s.


Society always based fundamental aspects of its existence on the Moon presence. Our satellite has always been a reference element used to regulate the cultivation cycles and the tidal motion of the oceanic masses of water, that about 400 millions of years ago allowed the adaption of the first form of life on the dry land, by the decrease of the sea level. In this work it is presented a perspectival alignment of the Moon with the sea stacks (Faraglioni in Italian) of Aci Trezza, a famous fishermen village near the city of Catania (Italy) that inspired the novel of the Italian writer Giovanni Verga entitled "I Malavoglia". These sea stacks are the residual of eras of volcanic eruptions from Mount Etna (the highest active volcano in Europe) together with the karstic action of the atmospheric phenomena and of the sea currents. The myth attributes the origin of the stacks to the wrath of the Cyclops Polyphemus who, blinded by Ulysses, is said to have hurled large rocky peaks at the Greek hero to try to prevent his escape to sea. The image was obtained on 07/03/2023 in a time window between 18:39 and 18:53 (Local Time)