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Location of Photo:

Beijing, China

Date/Time of photo:

2022 April 19


Lunt 152T, TV4x lens, ASI 174MM, RST-135 Mount


In the picture, this area of the sun is one of the most active solar areas in recent years. There are a large group of sunspots, AR2993 and AR2994, around which flares and solar projectiles continue to be produced. At the edge of sun, a new sunspot is coming. My photo is stacked with 200 images from 4000 video images. In post-processing, I invert the color of the picture, and it is a false color photo. The darkest part in the picture is the most active and hottest area on the sun, while the white area in the picture is the sunspot. As the sun enters the active period, the sun will have a greater impact on mankind, and we also have the opportunity to see a more spectacular Aurora phenomenon.