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Location of Photo:

El sauce Observatory, Rio Hurtado Valley, Coquimbo Region, Chile

Date/Time of photo:

March 30, 2024 - 08:08 am UT


Telescope Planewave 24" f/6.5 - Camera QHY 600M


Koichi Itagaki is not a surprise. This is his SN nr. 182. He is not only a lucky astronomer, but this is also the result of dedication and method. The new SN was discovered on 2024/03/24 on a full moon night. The SN type is still unknown; the magnitude at discovery was 14.9 (its highest brightness). It exploded near the wonderful Galaxy M98 in the Constellation Coma Berenices. M98 is approximately 44 million light years from us, but the Galaxy hosting the SN (NGC4192A) is about 95,2 million l.y. far from the Sun. The image is the sum of 20 sub-frames of 180” (5 x each LRGB filter). Credit Data: Telescope Live Processing: Massimo Marchini