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14.09.2023 01:00


Newtonian 500mm0 (F/3,8), FLI 16803 CCD camera, HaRGB filters


Here attached you can see NGC1097 (nicknamed "The Eye of Horus"), a southern Seyfert Galaxy located in Fornax constellation. A new bright Type II Supernova (2023rve), was discovered on 2023 September 9th: it's located 11.9" west and 127.4" north of the center of NGC1097. At the time of discovery the magnitude was 13.9. This image has been taken 6 days after the discovery, on 2023 September 14th , with ASA Newton 500mm f/3.8 from Rio Hurtado, Chile. The final image is a composition with another session, taken in January 2023 with RC1000 f/6.8: in the round boxes there is a comparison between the spiral arm before and after the cataclysmic event. Bettere resolution: https://astrob.in/73qnl6/0/ Massimo Di Fusco and Alessandro Ravagnin (ShaRA Team)