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Alexandru Barbovschi

Location of Photo:

California, USA

Date/Time of photo:



Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer mount + Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED (72/420mm) + Sky-Watcher generic flattener + Canon 80D (120s, ISO800)


This time around it was the curfew that blocked me from shooting it myself. So, my partner in crime from California, Tara Mostofi, saved me once again, shooting the target on 16th of April. Supernovae are much more rare than novae and can outshine at their peak an entire galaxy. These events are extremely violent and... useful! The supernovae of class Ia all share the same brightness, which means they can be used as a ruler for the distances in the universe, a property which is impossible to underestimate. The galaxy in which this specific supernovae exploded is known as IC 3322A and is situated in a galaxy-rich region of the night sky - you can see how many of them have been detected by the tool I used for the annotation (though it "skipped" the most interesting one - the galaxy in which SN2021hiz supernovae exploded).




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