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Location of Photo:

Parsec Observatory, Canoas, Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

30/04/2017; 02:33 UT


C14 Edge + ASI 224 + PM 2X + L filter


Despite the deficient seeing, for the first time I got an acceptable result with the Galilean Europa. Europa is very bright, which makes it difficult to control your histogram. If you have too much light or too little light, you can not get any detail, in the first case it is overexposed and in the second it is too dark to highlight any region. I believe that this time I was lucky, because in addition to leaving reasonably circular, which does not always happen, I still managed to capture a dark region that struck right with Tara Regio, which can be seen in the image obtained through the Virtual Planet Atlas software to Same date as the photo.


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