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Guillermo E. Sierra



Location of Photo:

Villa Elisa near La Plata,Argentina

Date/Time of photo:

2007/01/20 21:21:14 local time


Nikon D70s body Nikkor 18-35mm. tripod Manfrotto 190 Focal length equiv. to 27 mm. Exposure: f/3.5 and 30 sec


After two clowdy sunsets, we were able to find again the comet. At this time I change the city trying a better place with less light in the sky. The campus of the Radioastronomy Institute of Argentina in Villa Elisa, far away from city lights, its an incredible and quiet place but full of "mosquitos". In the picture we can see the anthena Nº2 in the radioastronomy field and the comet and its long tail a minutes before dissapearing in the horizont.


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