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Daniel Stern

Location of Photo:

Rio Hurtado, Chile

Date/Time of photo:



CDK-17/L-500 Moravian C4


It really does look like a bat, and hence its name, The Cosmic Bat Nebula. This dark nebula, LND 43, is located in the constellation of Ophiuchus. It is obscuring a larger bright nebula behind it, LBN 7. LBN 7 is the illuminated dust surrounding the dark nebula. The small galaxy seen below LDN 43, just to the left of a bright orange star, is LEDA 3868080. This galaxy is located 400 million light years away. It is slightly larger than our Milky Way, at about 130,000 light years in diameter. This background galaxy is 400,000 times further away than the foreground nebula.