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Location of Photo:

Kuttawa, Kentucky

Date/Time of photo:

08-21-2017 @ 1:24 PM


I used a Canon T4i at ISO 100, Canon 300mm F4L with 1.4 teleconverter at F11, piggybacked on my Celestron CGEM mount.


My wife and I took a 475 mile trip to Kuttawa, Kentucky for the eclipse. Wow, was it worth it! The hospitality was as good as the eclipse, absolutely fantastic! About ten minutes before totality the real show began! Between the color of the ambient light and lack of infrared, it was most enjoyable (temps were in the 90's) and eerie! As totality fell, the collective ohs and ahs were clearly audible even though we were 100 yards from anyone! The sight and feel of the air was indeed, unique and unusual! Truly, something everyone should experience if at all possible!


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