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Vishal Sharma

Location of Photo:

Noida, UP, India

Date/Time of photo:

19-01-13,21-01-13,24-01-13 at 00:05 am and 09-03-13, 10-03-13


MEADE 2.8” Altazimuth Refracting Telescope Aperture: 70 mm AZ Optical Tube focal length: 600mm Objective Lens diameter: 70mm (2.8”) Focal ratio: f/8.6 Eyepiece Specification: 9mm (67x) + 2x Barlow Lens = 134 times magnification, 45° Erecting Prism, Camera: Sony Cyber Shot Mega Pixels: 12.1 Megapixels


I took my MEADE Telescope at night in 2013 at 00:05 am & what i got is my masterpiece and all these photos shows lots of craters on moon including Bullseye craters


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