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Mark Sibole

Location of Photo:

Fife Lake Mi.

Date/Time of photo:

sept 22 2008


Meade 80 mm APO SXVF-H9


Object name: VdB: 152 Magnitude: 8.8 Equatorial: RA: 22h 13m 39s Dec: +70°17'53"(current) Equatorial 2000: RA: 22h 13m 25s Dec: +70°15'05" Horizon: Azim: 27°59'08" Alt: +50°49'43" Transit time: 23:45 Always above horizon. Mark Sibole Fife lake Michigan September 21, 2008 astronomy@qteaser.com Meade 80 mm APO SXVF-H9 120 minutes of luminance information in 10 minute sub frames 40 minutes per color channel in 10 minute sub frames. A total of 4 hours of information went into this rarly images area. It is a mix of reflection Nebula and dusty region .




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