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Sean Liang

Location of Photo:

Siding Spring Observatory Australia(Remote Astronomy)

Date/Time of photo:

May 2023


Takahashi TOA-130; KAF−16803 CCD


Over a thousand years ago, somewhere in the constellation of Vela, a star reached the end of its life. In an incredible burst of energy, the star collapsed and exploded, casting off its outer layers into the endless expanse of space. This explosion, a supernova, gave birth to the stunning Vela Supernova Remnant visible in this image. The aftermath of the explosion became a mesmerizing nebula with delicate strands of interstellar gas and dust, illuminated by the fierce glow of the leftover neutron star. The material ejected by the supernova will eventually find its way into new celestial bodies. Stars, planets, and even life owe their existence to these stellar remnants. That's why they say," We are made of star-stuff".