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Location of Photo:

Finolhu Madivaru, Maldives

Date/Time of photo:

4 March 2022


Used Canon Ra, Sigma 35mm, f2.2, ISO 3200, a panorama of 26 single 30s exposures from Vixen Polarie U, Optolong Clear Sky filter.


On February 22nd, the beautiful and very close conjunction of planets Venus and Mars will occur in the morning sky. The view of this event will be better from the equator and southern hemisphere, however, even northerners will have a chance to spot this planetary duo in the dawn sky. Coincidentally, a very similar situation occurred 2 years ago, when this view I was able to capture this together with the majestic Milky Way and morning Zodiacal Light from a small Maldivian Island Madivaru Finolhu of Alif Alif Island (on 4th March 2022, to be specific). This year conjunction will be even closer - the planets will be separated by just about 0.35 arc minutes (so similar to the Moon's diameter in the sky).