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Location of Photo:

Backyard, Ottawa, Canada

Date/Time of photo:

This photo was taken on August 24th, 2019


Equipment used: Imaging telescope or lens:Sky Watcher 150/750 Sky Watcher Black Diamond Imaging camera:QHY163M Mount:SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro (EQMOD) Guiding telescope or lens:Orion 60mm Multi-Use Guide Scope with Helical Focuser Guiding camera:Orion Starshoot Autoguider Focal reducer:Sky-Watcher Coma corrector f/5 Software:Sequence Generator Pro v3.0, PixInsight PinInsight 1.8, PHD Lab PhD 2 Guiding Filters:Baader 2" SII 7nm, Baader 2" OIII 8.5nm, Baader 2" HA 7nm Accessories:PrimaLuceLab Sesto Senso Robotic Focusing Motor, QHYCCD QHYCFW3-M


To create this picture I took total of 92 light frames each 600 seconds long using Ha, O3 and S2 filters. The total exposure was 15 hours. All captured frames were stacked and processed using PixInsight software. "Hubble" pallet was used to produce the color in the image.


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