If you arrived at this page it must mean you read and enjoyed S&T Contributing Editor Steve Gottlieb's article in the August 2023 issue of the magazine on Williamina Fleming's myriad discoveries. Gottlieb's article not only touches upon the fascinating history of Harvard College Observatory in the late 1800s, he also marvelously describes how Fleming, initially hired by the Observatory's director Edward Charles Pickering as his housemaid, applied herself to analyzing a profusion of photographic plates. In so doing, she discovered countless new objects and determined the spectra of numerous stars.

In case you need a visual besides Gottlieb's written instructions, we've provided you with these handy finder images, which we hope will help you better locate the targets discussed in the article. Targets are circled or arrowed; magnitudes are given under star names in italics without the decimal; field of view is in the lower-left corner.

R Aquarii Finder Image
R Aquarii
All images: POSS-II / STScI / Caltech / Palomar Observatory
Fleming's Triangular Wisp
Campbell's Hydrogen Star The wisp running from lower left to lower right is part of the supernova remnant Sh 2-91.
IC 418 (The smudge at top left is an artifact.)
IC 5217
IC 5117
IC 4593
IC 4634
Fleming 3


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