Sky & Telescope November 2007


A Moving Experience By Richard Tresch Fienberg

News Notes

Good Times, Bad Times for Astronomy, Titan: Assembling the Puzzle, and more . . .

Mission Update
By Jonathan McDowell

50 & 25 Years Ago
By Leif J. Robinson

Spotlight On . . . The Face of Mars
High-resolution images from Europe's Mars Express orbiter reveal the truth about this remarkable formation. By Phil Plait

Ringworld Revelations
NASA's Cassini spacecraft is giving us our best views yet of the structure and dynamics of Saturn's rings. By Matthew S. Tiscareno

Resolving the Faces of Stars
Optical interferometry is giving unprecedented views of nearby stars' tiny disks. By David H. Berger, Jason P. Aufdenberg, and Nils H. Turner

Rambling Through the Skies: Preparation for Landing
Lunar reconnoitering was a requirement before the Apollo astronauts attempted to set down. By E. C. Krupp

Northern Hemisphere's Sky
A Sirius Celebration By Fred Schaaf

Northern Binocular Highlight
The Crab Nebula By Gary Seronik

Southern Binocular Highlight
The Pi Puppis Cluster By Les Dalrymple

Southern Hemisphere's Sky
Hopping Around the Hare By Greg Bryant

Sun, Moon, and Planets
Saturn Rules the Evening Sky By Fred Schaaf

Exploring the Moon
Hidden Maria and Dusty Debris By Charles A. Wood

Celestial Calendar
Upcoming Asteroid Occultations By David W. Dunham

Celestial Calendar
Crescent Moons in 2007 By Roger W. Sinnott

Eye on the Sky
The "Black Aurora" By Stephen James O'Meara

Deep-Sky Wonders
Hazy Gleams and Starry Streams By Sue French

S&T Test Report: The STF Mirage 7 Mak
A premium Maksutov-Cassegrain from Russia lands in America. We take it for a test drive. By Sean Walker

New Product Showcase
Beefy Focuser, "Go To" Retrofit, Solar Filters, and more . . .

Books & Beyond
Infrared Astronomy's Long Wait and more . . .

Astronomy Online
Personal Celestial Alerts By Stuart J. Goldman

Star Trails
Old Telescopes Should Never Die By David H. Levy

Amateur Telescope Making
Tips for Shipping Equipment Safely By Dave Bonandrini

Hobby Q&A
Why aren't elliptical craters more common? Can you view meteors hitting the Moon? and more . . .

Focal Point

Set it Up, and They Will Come By John Pijawka


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