Sky & Telescope May 2007


Around the World with S&T By Richard Tresch Fienberg


News Notes
Dead Cataclysmics Unearthed, Seeking the Origins of Cosmic Rays, and more ...

Mission Update
By Jonathan McDowell

50 & 25 Years Ago
By Leif J. Robinson

Moonbows over Yosemite
At America's premier national park, investigators figure out how the Moon sometimes produces nighttime rainbows — and sometimes doesn't. By Donald W. Olson, Russell L. Doescher, and the Mitte Honors Students

McNaught's Passing Fancy
How could Comet McNaught, an icy visitor likely no bigger than a mountain, create a stunning tail tens of millions of kilometers long? By J. Kelly Beatty and Greg Bryant

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Rambling Through the Skies: Designated Driver
Boosting horsepower earned a transportation innovator a place in the stars. By E. C. Krupp

Northern Hemisphere's Sky
The Long and Short of It By Fred Schaaf

Northern Binocular Highlight
Treasures in Canes Venatici By Gary Seronik

Southern Binocular Highlight
A Gem of a Cluster By Les Dalrymple

Southern Hemisphere's Sky
Our Nearest Stellar Neighbors By Greg Bryant

Sun, Moon, and Planets
Venus at Its Height By Fred Schaaf

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Exploring the Moon
Pits of Contention By Charles A. Wood

Celestial Calendar
Porrima's Grand Opening By Alan MacRobert

Celestial Calendar
Tracking Spots on Saturn By Ralf Vandebergh

Deep-Sky Wonders
V is for Virgo By Sue French

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My Favorite Double Stars of Spring By James Mullaney

S&T Test Report: Two New Apos from the Same Tree
Rapidly earning a reputation for quality optics at reasonable prices, Williams Optics adds two new scopes to its refractor lineup. By Alan Dyer and Sean Walker

New Product Showcase
Fast RC Series, Observing Wear, and more ...

Books & Beyond
Images of All Time and more ...

Star Trails
Our Memorable Mercury Transit By David H. Levy

Event Calendar

Hobby Q&A
How far apart are Saturn's ring particles? Does Earth's varying distance from the Sun have any connection to global warming? and more ...


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Focal Point
Build Bridges Through the Sky By Mike Simmons


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