Night Sky - July/August 2006


Reflections: The Joy of Stars
By J. Kelly Beatty

The Sky Tonight July: Triangles at Dusk
Find your way around the stars and planets by triangulating from one to the next. By Alan MacRobert

The Sky Tonight August: A Wheel-Around View
Take a 360-degree tour of the evening sky starting with bright Jupiter in the west. By Alan MacRobert

Constellation Close-Up: Sublime Sagittarius
Explore the richest treasure-trove in the entire Milky Way. By Tony Flanders

Take A Star Hop: The Serpent Bearer
The little-known constellation Ophiuchus is home to five fun-to-find star clusters. By Sue French

Science Spotlight: The Swan Nebula
This lovely cloud of light envelops a brood of newborn stars. By Ken Hewitt-White

Other Worlds: Observing the Full Moon
Too bright to miss, the full Moon always gives you an eyeful. By Andrew Chaikin

Stars 101
Learn how these amazing nuclear-fusion reactors work. By Joseph V. Maugeri

A special pullout with richly detailed photographs of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Savoring the Summer Triangle
Three bright stars with three interesting stories to tell. By Fred Schaaf

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Straight Talk: Pinwheel Universe
Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is shapelier than you might think. By Phil Plait

Success Stories: My Record of Success
Nothing beats seeing celestial sights with your own eyes — and having observing notes to prove it. By William F. Mellberg

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Skill Builders: Secrets of Deep-Sky Observing
To see dim galaxies, clusters, and nebulas well with your telescope, you need to know a few simple tricks. By Alan MacRobert

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Choosing & Using: Filters for Better Stargazing
Relatively inexpensive and simple to use, filters can dramatically enhance your views of the heavens. By David W. Knisely

Gearing Up: Astronomy on the Go
Heading out for summer vacation? Don't forget the telescope! By Stuart J. Goldman

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In Focus: Fred Schaaf

By Tony and Daphne Hallas


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