Night Sky - Nov/Dec 2006


Reflections: Get the Sky Tonight 24/7
By J. Kelly Beatty

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The Sky Tonight November: Water Constellations
Between Fomalhaut in the south and Aldebaran in the east lies the Great Celestial Sea. By Alan MacRobert

The Sky Tonight December: Welcome Orion!
At last, the bright constellations of winter emerge in the east — if you wait up a bit. By Alan MacRobert

Constellation Close-Up: Perseus, Winged Prince
This splendid constellation glides overhead as wintertime nears. By Tony Flanders

Take A Star-Hop: Patterns, Pairs, & Plethoras of Stars
Late autumn is a great time for stargazing. By Sue French

Science Spotlight: Celestial Showers
Late autumn hosts two well-known meteor showers. By Ken Hewitt-White

Other Worlds: The Moon's Changing Face
If you think "gibbous" is part of a roast turkey, you'd better read this article! By Fred Schaaf

Mercury's Day in the Sun
Watch the innermost planet crawl across the Sun on November 8th. By Patricia Totten Espenak

Contemplating the Night Sky
Get the Really Big Picture by opening your mind to the cosmos while you observe. By Joseph V. Maugeri

Beautiful images taken by backyard astronomers around the world.

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Straight Talk: The Incredible Lightness of Being
Could you lose weight just by moving around on Earth? By Phil Plait

Success Stories: Dazzling the Neighbors
A few celestial sights can make your impromptu star party shine. By Sara Eberle

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Skill Builders: My Top 10 Questions
Here are common questions about telescopes culled from our expert's mailbag. By Ed Ting

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Choosing & Using
Filters for Sun-Watching
We tested several leading filters — and found a welcome result. By Alan MacRobert

Gearing Up: A Few of My Favorite Things
This handful of novel products will bring out your "inner stargazer." By Stuart J. Goldman

Help Desk

In Focus: Patricia Totten Espenak

Afterimage: Solar Close-Up
By Cameran Ashraf


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