Sky & Telescope September 2006


The Times They Are A-Changin' By Richard Tresch Fienberg


Super Earths, Supernova Hieroglyphics?, Triton Kidnap Caper, and more...

Mission Update
By Jonathan McDowell

75, 50 & 25 Years Ago
By Leif J. Robinson

Heaven on Earth: Astronomy from Chile
Chile's astronomy scene is in a state of transition, with first-generation telescopes being mothballed as state-of-the-art facilities reach new heights. By Govert Schilling

The Falcon's Wild Flight
Japan's Hayabusa spacecraft got to its target asteroid last year - but it's having a world of trouble getting back to Earth. By J. Kelly Beatty

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Rambling Through the Skies: Lost in Space
The solar system has a lot of misdirected space probes - somewhere. By E. C. Krupp

Northern Hemisphere's Sky
The Summer Sky's Seventh Glow By Fred Schaaf

Northern Binocular Highlight
Double Delight Albireo By Gary Seronik

Southern Binocular Highlight
M55 High in Sagitarrius By Les Dalrymple

Southern Hemisphere's Sky
Springtime Surprises in Pavo By Greg Bryant

Sun, Moon, and Planets
Changing of the Seasons By Fred Schaaf

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Exploring the Moon
The Moon's Mystery Rilles By Charles A. Wood

Celestial Calendar
An Atlantic Solar Eclipse By Alan MacRobert

Celestial Calendar
T Ursae Minoris: Star at a Tipping Point By Matthew Templeton

Eye on the Sky
Mechain's Unsung Discovery By Stephen James O'Meara

Deep-Sky Wonders
Foxfire Nights By Sue French

More of My Favorite Double Stars By James Mullaney

S&T Test Report: Good Gets Better: Meade's DSI II CCD Cameras
The low-cost CCD cameras that opened the world of deep-sky imaging to many amateurs have been improved, making them more irresistable than before. By Johnny Horne

New Product Showcase
Premium Barlows, Big Coma Corrector, Astrophotography Adapters, and more...

Books & Beyond
Photoshop for Astrophotographers By Sean Walker

Astronomy Online
Club Critiques By Stuart J. Goldman

The Astronomy Scene
Amateurs Help Discover a Transiting Exoplanet By Robert Naeye

Event Calendar

Star Trails
Moonlight Sonata By David H. Levy

Hobby Q&A
Wher on the Moon did Gruithuisen see a city? and more...

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Capture the Sun with Your PST By Sean Walker


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Focal Point
Stars of the Show By Jane A. Green


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