Galaxies Seen in a New Light
By kicking the ultraviolet window wide open, GALEX has given astronomers new insights into galaxy evolution.
By Michael Rich

Mercury's Marvels
Don't let its plain appearance fool you: the innermost planet has an enormous iron core, a surface awash with ancient volcanic flows, and a composition that defies easy explanation.
By J. Kelly Beatty

Did the Moon Sink the Titanic?
Exceptionally strong tides in early 1912 may have brought the iceberg into the doomed ship's path.
By Donald W. Olson, Russell L. Doescher & Roger W. Sinnott

Rethinking Solar Eclipse Photography
Digital photography is changing the ground rules for eclipse chasers.
By Dennis di Cicco & Sean Walker



Interview with Michael Rich
UCLA astronomer Michael Rich chats with S&T editor in chief Robert Naeye about GALEX's insights into galaxies.
By Robert Naeye

Titanic Gallery
Print pages can only fit so much: scroll through a gallery of selected Titanic drawings and iceberg photos.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

More Mercurian Marvels
See more fantastic sights of the closest planet to the Sun.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for April 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Farewell Jupiter, Welcome Saturn
The ringed wonder enters the early evening sky in April.
By Fred Schaaf

Making the Most of Mars
Now's your last good chance until 2014 to observe our next-out neighbor.
By Alan MacRobert

Telescope Workshop: A Beauty of a Binoscope
Superb design and craftsmanship yield big results.
By Gary Seronik

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