Mysterious Travelers
Humans have been seeing comets for millennia, but we still have a lot more questions than answers.
By David Jewitt

The Comet ISON Story
With the most dramatic portion of Comet ISON's apparition almost upon us, questions remain about what we'll see.
By John E. Bortle

Dazzle or Dud?
When, where, and how to watch whatever Comet ISON becomes.
By Alan MacRobert

Exploring the Triangulum Galaxy
If you want to see a galaxy with beautiful spiral arms and a multitude of deep-sky treasures, it's hard to beat M33.
By Ted Forte

Dress for Stargazing Success
It's easy to stay toasty warm when it's cold outside.
By Chris Cook

Capturing Comets
Come home with a tropy of Comet ISON using these helpful techniques.
By Chris Cook

Naked-Eye Nova Shines in Delphinus
Professionals and amateurs are following Nova Delphini 2013.
By Robert Naeye



Updates on Comet ISON
Read the very latest news on Comet ISON's performance.
By Alan MacRobert

Secrets of High-Power Comet Observing
Here's what to look for before going to the eyepiece.
By Stephen James O'Meara

Digging Deep in M33
Treasures from the Triangulum Galaxy don't just jump out at you — you'll need dark skies, patience, and a good guide.
By Alan Whitman

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for December 2013
By Sean Walker



A Month for Bright Planets
Jupiter rises before Venus sets on December evenings.
By Fred Schaaf

The Moon and the Geminids
Rocks from a fried asteroid will streak through the mid-December moonlit sky.
By Alan MacRobert

Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
Observing nearby galaxies is always rewarding though often challenging.
By Sue French

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