The editors of Sky & Telescope make every effort to provide accurate information, but errors do sometimes slip through. We correct all mistakes online as well as printing corrections in the magazine. So if you see something questionable in the magazine, check below to see if it's a known problem.

This article lists all known errors in issues of Sky & Telescope for 2012. See also the errata listings for other years.

January 2011

Page 77: The Heart Nebula is IC 1805, not NGC 1795. The smaller nebula IC 1795 is also shown in the image. See for a map and discussion of this area.

March 2011

Page 36: Sirius B was discovered by Alvan Graham Clark, not by his more famous father Alvan Clark, as implied in the box in the article Great Winter Double Stars.

Page 42: Halley's Comet will next reach perihelion in 2061, not 2062 as stated in the caption to the sky chart.

Page 60: A subtle layering error in Adobe Illustrator caused the three brightest stars in the chart on page 60 of the Deep-Sky Wonders column to be overprinted, rendering them very hard to see. Click here to download a corrected chart.

Page 62: The double star Struve 742 lies ½° east (not west) of M1s.

May 2011

Page 59: M85's companion galaxy is NGC 4394, not NGC 4293 as stated in the caption to the photo.

July 2011

Page 45: The all-sky chart on pages 44-45 mistakenly shows Mars just above the western horizon. In fact, Mars is not visible on July evenings

September 2011

Page 60: The article "Beyond the Familiar Veil" used red for the highlighted objects, making it unusable by red flashlight at night. A corrected version is available in PDF form at


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