The editors of Sky & Telescope make every effort to provide accurate information, but errors do sometimes slip through. We correct all mistakes online as well as printing corrections in the magazine. So if you see something questionable in the magazine, check below to see if it's a known problem.

This article lists all known errors in issues of Sky & Telescope for 2022. See also the errata listings for other years.

April 2022

Page 10: In “Nearest Supermassive Black Hole Pair Discovered,” François Schweizer and team identified the galaxy’s double nucleus, and showed that one of them hosts an active supermassive black hole, in 2018. Karina Voggel and colleagues significantly improved the mass measurements for both black holes in 2022.

Page 55: The nebula sharing the frame with the Horsehead Nebula in the photo is NGC 2023.

Page 56: An astrophotographer reduces the effective noise by half each time they multiply the number of images by four.

May 2022

Page 30: The image of NGC 4725 was taken with a 4-inch f/6.5 refractor.


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