The editors of Sky & Telescope make every effort to provide accurate information, but errors do sometimes slip through. We correct all mistakes online as well as printing corrections in the magazine. So if you see something questionable in the magazine, check below to see if it's a known problem.

This article lists all known errors in issues of Sky & Telescope for 2023. See also the errata listings for other years.

January 2023

Page 58: In “What Makes a Good Planetary Telescope,” the amount of light in the Airy disk of a telescope with a 33% central obstruction is not 68%, with 32% going into the diffraction rings. The correct percentage is 65% of light concentrated in the Airy disk, with the remaining 35% going into the diffraction rings.

March 2023

Page 34: “Earth’s Wellspring” misstated hydrogen’s makeup: A hydrogen atom has one proton and one electron.


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