Einstein's Shadow
A planet-wide telescope sets its sights on the well-kept secrets of black holes.
By Camille M. Carlisle

Lowell’s New Discovery Machine
The Discovery Channel Telescope will bring the exploration of the universe to the public on a global scale.
By Edwin L. Aguirre & Imelda B. Joson

Chasing Light Speed
Over the past few centuries, scientists have employed creative techniques for the difficult task of measuring the speed of light.
By Tom Gale

A Dozen Winter Planetaries
These deep celestial flowers are wildly varied.
By Ted Forte

May’s Great Annular Eclipse
The western United States is the place to be for the upcoming eclipse on May 20th.
By Fred Espenak & Jay Anderson

For All the Night’s Stars
A photographer’s dream to image the entire night sky comes to fruition.
By Nick Risinger



The Discovery Channel Telescope
The partnering of a media company and an astronomical institution raises many questions. Read a behind-the-scenes interview with Lowell Observatory director Jim Hall and see photos not included in S&T's February article.
By Edwin L. Aguirre & Imelda B. Joson

The Photopic Sky Survey
Nick Risinger discusses the Photopic Sky Survey with S&T imaging editor Sean Walker.
By Nick Risinger

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for January 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



A Lunar Volcanic Crater
Only one large lunar crater was indisputably created by a volcano rather than an impact.
By Charles A. Wood

A Rare Flyby of Eros
The granddaddy of all near-Earth asteroids brightens to magnitude 8.6.
By Alan MacRobert

A Junk-Shed Binocular Mount
Australian telescope maker Stu Favilla fashioned a binocular mount from junk he had accumulated over the years.
By Gary Seronik

Orion's Golden Shield
Remarkable clusters and nebulae encircle the giant's torso.
By Sue French

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