Misfit Stars
Half planet, half star, newly discovered brown dwarfs are only as warm as a summer's day on Earth, defying definition even as they tempt astronomers with new insights.
By Kristina Grifantini

Universe on Fast Forward
Supercomputer modeling is transforming cosmology from an observational science into an experimental science.
By Joel R. Primack & Trudy E. Bell

The Quest for Totality
Travelers cross the globe in search of the moment when the Moon devours the Sun.
By Dean Regas

Processing Your Own Hubble Images
You can explore the Hubble Legacy Archive to create your own imaging masterpieces.
By Robert Gendler



Interview with Joel Primack
Cosmologist Joel Primack talks with S&T Editor in Chief Robert Naeye about current efforts to understand the nature of dark energy and dark matter. Plus, take a flight through the "universe in a box" Bolshoi computer simulations.
By Robert Naeye

Eclipse footage from "Eclipse Guy" David Makepeace
View footage from extreme eclipse chaser David Makepeace, including a video taken over a month-long trip to Antarctica and raw footage from a total solar eclipse seen over the mountains in Patagonia.
By Monica Young

Robert Gendler's Hubble Gallery
Browse Robert Gendler's gallery of self-processed images from the Hubble Space Telescope.
By Robert Gendler

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for July 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



An Abundance of Riches
Summer evenings offer an amazing variety of sights.
By Fred Schaaf

Spy the Smallest Worlds
Track down the brightest asteroids in the solar system.
By Nick Howes

By Draco's Scaly Folds
Some remarkable objects lie near the north ecliptic pole.
By Sue French

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