Seeing the Moon Like Never Before
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter reveals spectacular landforms on our deceptively familiar satellite.
By Jim Bell

Alan Hale and His 500 Comets
Along the way to achieving his goal of viewing 500 comet apparitions, this New Mexico astronomer discovered one of the 20th century's finest comets.
By David H. Levy

Perilous Journeys: The 1761 Transit of Venus
Braving warfare, storms, and disease, astronomers ventured across the globe to measure the scale of our solar system.
By Eli Maor

A Springtime Globular Cluster Tour
These amazing starballs, more varied than you might imagine, are now swarming into view.
By Ted Forte

Deep Sky with Your DSLR
Getting started in astrophotography has never been easier.
By Michael A. Covington



Interview with Jim Bell
Planetary Scientist Jim Bell chats with S&T assistant editor Camille Carlisle about NASA's incredible new moon images. Plus, see more spectacularly detailed lunar landscapes.
By Camille Carlisle

Last Chance of a Lifetime: Venus Transit
On June 5 (in the Western Hemisphere) or June 6 (in the Eastern Hemisphere), Venus will pass across the face of the Sun for the second time in 8 years $mdash; and for the last time until 2117.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

June's Lunar Eclipse
See maps and full details about the lunar eclipse worldwide.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for June 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Two at Dawn, Three at Dusk
Venus and Jupiter pair splendidly in June's predawn sky.
By Fred Schaaf

The June 5th Transit of Venus
The black silhouette of Venus will cross the Sun for the last time in our lives.
By Alan MacRobert

Telescope Workshop: Build a Sun Funnel
This simple and inexpensive device turns your refractor into a solar scope.
By Gary Seronik

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