An End in Sight
After 200 years of mystery, Epsilon Aurigae is surrendering its secrets to an organized professional-amateur campaign.
By Robert Stencel

Finding the Sun's Lost Nursery
Astronomers are trying to understand the cluster where the Sun was born 4.6 billion years ago.
By Robert Zimmerman

Bubbles, Jets, and Exotic Stars
Explore these intriguing objects in Canis Major.
By Steve Gottlieb

Tiny Tracker: the Vixen Polarie
This paperback-sized motorized star tracker makes long-exposure constellation photography easier than ever.
By Richard Tresch Fienberg



Targeting the International Space Station
This orbiting outpost is within reach of anyone with a camera. Click here to see some of the author's amazing still photos and videos.
By Thierry Legault

Dr. Bob on Epsilon Aurigae
Robert Stencel, or Dr. Bob to his friends, lead a remarkable professional-amateur collaboration to decipher the secrets of the eclipsing binary Epsilon Aurigae. Click here for an interview with Dr. Bob.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

Mark Giampapa on the Sun and Its Birthplace
In this interview, astronomer Mark Giampapa talks about the Sun and the clues to its birthplace.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for March 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



A Different Pathway to the Stars
Astronomy outreach could benefit from the Czech approach: city-funded observatories.
By Peter Foukal & Stepan Kovar

The Enigma of the Ashen Light
Help astronomers solve this enduring mystery of Venus.
By Thomas Dobbins

S&T Test Report: Two Scopes for an Active Sun
After several years in the doldrums, solar observers once again can rejoice: the Sun is active.
By Dennis di Cicco

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