Orion's Robo Dobsonian
Good things happen when Go To pointing meets a mass-market Dobsonian.
By Gary Seronik

Spiinning Hearts of Darkness
Astronomers are measuring the rotation rates of black holes to determine their formation and history.
By Laura Brenneman

End of the Cosmic Dark Ages
A novel radio array may be the first instrument to detect the elusive signal from the Epoch of Reionization
By Govert Schilling

Residual Bulk Image: Cause and Cure
Understanding the subtleties of your CCD camera will help you create better images.
By Richard Crisp



Drama at Dawn
This May the most compact visible grouping of four bright planets in decades can be glimpsed low in bright dawn. The thin crescent Moon joins the show at the beginning and end of the month. Click here to see an animation of the four-planet dance.
By Fred Schaaf

Discussing Black Hole Spin
Watch a video of Robert Naeye and Laura Brenneman discussing spinning black holes and other topics.
By Robert Naeye

Lunar Librations for May 2011
There was again not enough room to run our usual lunar libration diagram in the May 2011 issue. Click here to download it in PDF form.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Galaxy-Hopping the Virgo Cluster
Explore the wonderland of galaxies on the border between Vrigo and Coma Berenices.
By Ted Forte

The View from Edge-on
Hone your observing skills on superthin galaxies.
By Steve Gottlieb

Planetary Imaging Primer
Planetary observing today involves cameras as much as eyeballs.
By Sean Walker

Building My Dream Observatory
A veteran telescope maker spent four years building this novel 32-inch reflector and a dome to house it.
By Mario Motta

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