Rocks from Heaven
Canadian scientists get a close look at a meteor as it breaks up over Ontario.
By Philip Downey

Super-Charged Supernovae
The discovery of powerful supernovae opens the door on violent events that occur before and after stars explode.
By David Sinclair Stevenson

Chilean Imaging Odyssey
Expand your views with a trip to the southern skies of Chile.
By Klaus Brasch

Draconid Meteor Outburst?
On the evening of October 8th, some places may get quite a show.
By Alan MacRobert

The Fleet-Winged Bird
There's more to Cygnus than well-known showpieces.
By Sue French



Observing Geosynchronous Satellites
Click here for some websites that can help you locate and identify these remarkable objects.
By Randy Rhea

Meteor Videos
See videos of the fireball from the network of all-sky meteor-monitoring cameras.
By Southern Ontario Meteor Network

Arne Henden on the AAVSO
Watch an interview with the director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers as he reflects on the organization's past, present, and future.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

Robert Quimby on Supernovae
Hear an interview with a leading supernova expert.
By Robert Naeye

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for October 2011
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



A Century of AAVSO Progress
This renowned organization began as amateurs making observations for professional astronomers.
By Thomas R. Williams & Michael Saladyga

The Telescope Drive Master
There's a new wrinkle in the centuries-old quest for the perfect telescope drive.
By Dennis di Cicco

Great Double Stars of Autumn
Here's a sampling of the season's best stellar pairings.
By James Mullaney

A Collapsable-Tube Dob
This all-aluminum Dobsonian features portability and aperture.
By Gary Seronik

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