A Glorious Transit of Venus
Millions of people saw June's transit of Venus, but for research astronomers, it was a golden opportunity to advance science.
By Jay M. Pasachoff

The Great Galactic Travelers
New observations suggest that the Magellanic Clouds - for decades considered satellites of the Milky Way - have taken an unexpected path.
By Robert Zimmerman

NuSTAR: Probing the Energetic Universe
NASA's newest X-ray mission will bring an exotic menagerie of objects into focus.
By Monica Young

The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope
Thanks to a vision of a Silicon Valley legend, the world's most ambitious telescope network to date will soon keep astronomers in the dark around the clock.
By Cameron Walker

The Messier Catalog: A Binocular Odyssey
Try this minimalist approach to sharpen your observing skills and enhance your enjoyment.
By Gary Seronik

Targeting Hidden Gems
Planetary nebulae are stunning objects for astrophotographers working from almost any location.
By Ruben Kier



Shooting the Transit of Venus
Watch a time-lapse movie of the transit of Venus, and learn how it was made. Plus, view amazing space photos of the event.
By Robert Naeye

How to Catch X-rays
Corralling X-rays is like herding cats. Principal Investigator Fiona Harrison talks about how NuSTAR captures these wily photons.
By Camille Carlisle & Monica Young

Magellanic Mysteries
How did the Magellanic Clouds form, and how did they come to visit the Milky Way? Simulations may hold the answer.
By Robert Naeye

Find the Outer Planets
Find Uranus and Neptune and relive their original discoveries.
By Alan MacRobert

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for Oct. 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Bright Planets Late and Early
Jupiter and Venus dominate the late-night and predawn skies.
By Fred Schaaf

S&T Test Report
Two German Equatorials from iOptron
By Dennis di Cicco

October Meteors Slow & Fast
Two contrasting meteor showers enrich mid-autumn's skies.
By Alan MacRobert

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