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Meteorites Tighten Timeline for Giant Planets’ Movement through the Solar System

By linking a family of meteorites on Earth to their relatives in the asteroid belt, scientists have arrived at a new understanding of the giant planets' movement early in the solar system's history.


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Magnets Are Bad News for Meteorites

Common handheld magnets can erase crucial data in ancient meteorites.

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Solar System

Small Asteroid Spotted Hours Before Demise

The swift detection of a small asteroid, and recovery of its surviving fragments, shows we’re getting better at spotting incoming objects.

Meteoroids deliver organics


Scientists Wonder: Is the Origin of Life Extraterrestrial?

A new analysis method has revealed DNA building blocks in meteorites, suggesting that these prebiotic molecules might have formed during the solar system's earliest years.

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Meteorite Evidence Suggests Earth’s Water Was Here Before Earth Was

Where did Earth’s water come from? One of the oldest meteorites on Earth is adding new pieces to an old puzzle.

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The Origin of Earth’s Water

Scientists have discovered a new candidate source for Earth's water: building blocks of the primordial solar system known as enstatite chondrites.

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Radioactive Aluminum Sheds Light on Solar System History

Astronomers thought giant stars were reponsible for flooding the early system with a radioative isotope — but the Sun itself might have made it.

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Nautilus Expedition Recovers Possible Seafloor Meteorites

The expedition off the coast of Washington state performs a first, recovering meteorite fragments from a documented fall.

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Michigan Meteorite Tally Multiplies

They look like leftover gravel from a freshly laid asphalt road, but the black stones that spattered across the snow in the wake of the January 16th Michigan fireball were anything but terrestrial. They belonged to a tiny asteroid on a recent foray to the outer asteroid belt but now…