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Make the Most of January's Total Lunar Eclipse

An unusual dawn total lunar eclipse presents special challenges and great photo opportunities. Here's what you need to know to make the most of it.

Celestial News & Events

Supermoon and Geminids Duke it Out

In a spectacular case of bad timing, the full Moon coincides with the annual Geminid meteor shower. Don't feel put out. There's still something for everyone, including a consolation prize.

Supermoon a Supersight

Explore the Night with Bob King

Behold November's Super-Duper Supermoon

You won't want to miss the biggest, brightest full Moon in more than 68 years. Find out what makes this supermoon so special and how best to view it.

Perigee and apogee moons

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What is a Supermoon? Facts vs. Fiction

The perpetuation of the supermoon myth is mostly motivated by desire for publicity. But much of what we call the supermoon is just our eyes playing tricks on us.

Celestial News & Events

The Not Very Supermoon

The media are all aflutter over the second of this summer's supermoon trio. But just how super is this moon, really?