white dwarf trigger supernova

Stellar Science

The White Dwarf That Survived

A peculiar white dwarf could be what’s left after a failed supernova explosion.

exploding white dwarf surrounds star

Stellar Science

Supernova, Two Ways

Two new studies confirm that the white dwarfs that explode as Type Ia supernovae can approach death in two different ways.

supernovae 2012Z in spiral galaxy

Stellar Science

Culprit for Enigmatic Supernova?

Astronomers have detected a star in pre-explosion images of the peculiar supernova 2012Z. The detection is the first discovery of a potential progenitor for the oddball class of stellar explosions dubbed Type Iax.

New type of supernova

Stellar Science

A New Type of Supernova

Astronomers have discovered a new supernova class where the star might survive the explosion.