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An Early End for the Chandra X-Ray Observatory?

NASA budget constraints could wind down operations of the iconic Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

Galaxy clusters through time


Largest-ever Catalog of X-ray Sources Tests Cosmology 

Results from a brand-new high-energy observatory are rocking the field of cosmology. In particular, a study of more than 5,000 galaxy clusters relieves tension in the standard cosmological model.


Space Missions

China Launches Einstein X-ray Observatory

China’s Einstein Probe, an X-ray astronomy mission, heads to orbit.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

X-ray, Moon Missions Launch from Japan

In an ambitious mission pairing, Japan launched a next-generation X-ray observatory and an innovative lunar lander.

IXPE Launch

Space Missions

NASA Launches New X-ray Explorer

The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer will shed new light on energetic and enigmatic sources such as magnetars, supernovae, and black holes.

M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) with extroplanet candidate marked


Did We Find a Planet in Another Galaxy?

Astronomers using an innovative method have detected the signal of what could be an extragalactic exoplanet. But confirming its existence will be difficult.

Milky Way

What — and Where — Is the North Polar Spur?

Astronomers make the case that a gigantic ridge of gas sticking out of the galactic plane was blown out by a cluster of nearby supernovae.

Erosita's first all-sky X-ray survey

Professional Telescopes

First All-sky Map from eRosita

The first all-sky X-ray map to be released in 30 years reveals new wonders of the hot and energetic universe.

Large Magellanic Cloud in X-rays

Space Missions

First Light for German X-ray Telescope EROSITA

The EROSITA X-ray telescope aboard the German-Russian Spektr-RG satellite has taken its first images of the hot universe.

A star goes poof!

Space Missions

7 Incredible Discoveries from Two Decades of X-rays

On the eve of the 20th anniversaries for both the Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray observatories, we celebrate with a look back at seven of their most incredible discoveries.

The Crab Nebula

Astronomy & Observing News

Blast from the Past in Today’s Sky

Astronomers think they have identified the remnant of a supernova recorded by Chinese astronomers in AD 386.

halosat 1


HaloSat: A Small Satellite for a Big Question

HaloSat, a mini-satellite recently deployed from the International Space Station, is on the hunt for the universe's missing matter.

Bursting Pulsar before transition (artist's concept)

Space Missions

The X-ray Legacy of RXTE

The RXTE satellite, which reentered Earth's atmosphere over the tropics on April 30th, leaves behind a legacy of discoveries and data.


Space Missions

China Launches Its First X-ray Observatory

China's Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) headed to orbit this past weekend.

Centaurus A and a neighboring X-ray flash

Black Holes

Brilliant X-ray Flashes from Faraway Black Holes?

Two sources tens of millions of light-years away have sent puzzling X-ray flares blazing our way. Now astronomers think they might have the answer: intermediate-mass black holes.

Hitomi in space

Space Missions

Recovery Attempts End for Hitomi X-ray Satellite

The Japanese space agency JAXA has released a timeline covering the Hitomi space observatory's failure last month. Salvage efforts continue but recovery appears unlikely.