Here are links for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory and the article "New Scrutiny of the Sun's Secrets" in the February 2011 Sky & Telescope:

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) main sites:

Movies for images in the article:

More SDO movies, with new ones all the time:

Monica Bobra, the article's author, also suggests:

• There are some iPhone apps to note: SpaceWx, Swx Monitor, SpaceWeather, and 3D Sun (which features the most SDO data).

• The main SDO webpage includes a blog from Dean Pesnell, the project scientist, and links to the 'real' scientific SDO data, instrument webpages, and other solar resources.

• SDO has a mascot, a friendly rubber chicken named Camilla. She has travelled all over the world, met astronauts, gone to conferences, universities, public outreach events, fundraisers, and a shuttle launch. She has a blog, a Facebook account, and a Twitter feed.

• More Facebook fan pages and twitter feeds from NASA folks:

• And of course the website for my group is

• Some additional good websites that feature SDO data are SolarIMG, The Sun Today, and


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