OK, everyone. Your index is ready, again.

Last time I whined about creating S&T's index to volume, it spawned a few comments. Some people said it was a noble and important task for us to do. However, no one actually admitted to using the PDF files we now place online instead of binding into the magazine. Turns out, according to our website statistics utility, that at most only 200 people downloaded the index for the July-December 2006 issues. More accurately, 207 people looked at the page that has the link to the PDF file since December 1st; I don't know how many people actually clicked on the link to save the file.

Indexing is Fun

Isn't this how we all feel?

Stuart Goldman

Nearly all of the work was done by editorial assistant extraordinaire, and my former officemate, Katie Curtis. She entered the information for each article into our glorious content management system (CMS), I checked what she entered, then she outputted the information and formatted it. And she was able to get it finished in time for the June 2007 issue landing in your mailboxes.

If you want to show your appreciation, Katie will gladly accept gift cards for coffee or a lunch date with Jake Gyllenhaal.


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