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International Astronomy & Space Science Olympiad ( IASSO) 2021-22

Online - Live stream Flagstaff

International Astronomy & Space Science Olympiad (IASSO 2021-22) is planned by the emerging educational organisation Astronomy World: Education & Research Organization. Astronomy & Space Science Olympiad is all About the natural science discipline that studies space and celestial bodies such as stars, planets, meteors and galaxies. It also refers to the study of the matter […]

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope: A FREE, Virtual Lecture


Did you know that NASA has already started building another flagship-class observatory, next in queue to go up after the James Webb Space Telescope? Neil Zimmerman is privileged to work on a team of scientists overseeing the development of the¬†Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, a 2.4-meter telescope slated for launch in 5 years. The Roman […]


Mindful Stargazing


Join astrophysicist and Zen teacher Mark Westmoquette for an introduction to Mindful Stargazing. Let Mark take you on a journey to connect your inner and outer Universe and uncover the wonder and awe of being in every moment! This event is perfect for anyone who has gazed up at the night sky in wonder. Mark […]


Time to celebrate 45 years of MKAS

Virtual meeting via zoom. MKAS was formed in September 1976 so this will be a great opportunity to celebrate our 45th birthday and to look back on how the Society has evolved.


Astronomy at the Beach


Michigan's largest public star party is celebrating its 25th year! Over 70,000 have enjoyed views through large telescopes, listened to expert talks on astronomy, and saw cool science experiments. There's something for everyone. Astronomy at the Beach is volunteer-led by amateur clubs throughout southeast Michigan. Last year, the event was totally virtual, with dozens of […]


Greg Smye-Rumsby: Solar Eclipses Virtual Presentation by Zoom

Viewing a total Solar Eclipse is regarded as one of life's most spectacular experiences and should be on everyone's bucket list. So with total solar eclipses visible in North America in 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2027 - two of which are visible from Europe too - this talk will provide a lot of interesting and […]

Will Joyce - The outer planets

8th October 2021 : Virtual presentation by ZOOM In this presentation Will summarises our current understanding of the outer planets in our Solar System and their most interesting natural satellites using recent imagery from telescopes and spacecraft. The atmospheres, interiors and local space environments of the gas and ice giant planets will be discussed along […]