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Upcoming Astronomy Events

As a service to our community, Sky & Telescope lists astronomy-related events, including star parties, observatory public nights, astronomy talks, and more. Star parties offer dark skies and astronomical fellowship and often cater to families and feature special activities for kids. Public nights give the general public a chance to view the sky through large telescopes, and public talks are a great place to learn the fundamentals of the science and the craft.
You’ll also see online events offered here.
And if you’d like free copies of Sky & Telescope‘s Let’s Go Stargazing flyer or door prizes for your next star party, you can fill out this form.

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"Solar To The Max" by Alan Friedman


The sun is a unique and rewarding subject for the astrophotographer. It can be studied in different wavelengths, imaged from almost any location and can be presented in different ways […]


Solar Eclipse Weekend in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the largest, most centrally located city with a direct hit in the path of totality, making the ‘Eclipse Capital of the Midwest’ a top destination for those looking […]

Burnet TX Eclipse Festival 2024

Equrina Fields Ranch 9871 N 281, Burnet, TX 78611, Burnet, TX, United States

Come join us between April 5th - April 9th, 2024 for a total solar eclipse! We lie in the heaviest part of totality in Texas which has the best chance […]

Parker Farm 2024 Eclipse Event

Parker Farm 2024 Eclipse Event 5982 Hwy 16 South, Fredericksburg, TX, United States

Parker Farm 2024 Total Eclipse Event: Saturday April 6, 2024, 11am - Tuesday April 9, 2024, 12pm. 3-day event for the total eclipse. We will be viewing the eclipse as […]