Endurance Crater

Scientists assembled this mosaic from images taken by Opportunity's Navigation Camera. The images show Endurance Crater, which is 130 meters (430 feet) in diameter. The rover is perched just a half meter from the western rim.

Courtesy NASA / JPL.

On April 30th, during its 95th sol on Mars, NASA's rover Opportunity reached what might be its final destination: Endurance Crater. This impact feature is six times the diameter of Eagle Crater, where the rover came to a rest when it landed on January 25th. Numerous layered rocky outcrops poke from Endurance's walls. Some of these rocks appear similar to ones that Opportunity explored in Eagle, which formed in an ancient body of water. If the rover can navigate the crater's slopes and access the outcrops, they could provide rich information about the geological history of this region of Mars and the duration and extent of past water.


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