The SV90TBV fluorite triplet refractor from Stellarvue (from $1,995) sports several features that help set it apart from the multitude of scopes recently entering the market. It’s the only 90-millimeter apochromat made with a three-element objective, which offers a level of color correction not possible with two-element designs. And the f/7 focal ratio makes the scope small enough for grab-and-go portability. But the really nifty feature is the removable tube section that allows the scope to work with binoviewers without additional optics that increase the scope’s focal length (and thus reduce the field of view). If that doesn’t interest you, then you can save $200 and order the SV90T without the convertible tube. Like all Stellarvue refractors, these new scopes are individually star-tested by company founder Vic Maris.

Contact: Stellarvue, 11820 Kemper Rd., Auburn, CA 95603; 530-823-7796;

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