S&T: Craig Michael Utter

The new HyperStar M14 from Starizona ($1,295) transforms Meade 14-inch LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes into superfast f/2 astrographs for DSLR cameras. The sophisticated lens assembly is installed in place of the telescope’s secondary mirror (no modification of the scope is necessary, and the instrument can be returned to its original configuration in minutes). Field coverage is optimized for cameras with so-called APS-format chips, such as the popular Canon 10D, 20D, and 30D and Nikon’s D50, D70, D80, and D200. While previous HyperStars worked with astronomical CCD cameras, this new version is the first designed for DSLRs. Models to fit other Schmidt-Cassegrains are in the works.

Contact: Starizona, 5757 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85704; 520-292-5010; www.starizona.com

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