The northeastern U.S. has had wonderful weather ever since Hurricane Irene. So I went out a couple of nights ago to check up on the celestial events that we've been covering on our website. I was delighted that all of them exceeded my expectactions.

First there's the supernova in M101. If you own a telescope, live at mid-northern latitudes, and haven't seen this yet, get out now and do it! It's little exaggeration to call this a chance of a lifetime. At magnitude 11, this is the brightest supernova since SN 1993J in M81. And it's still brightening, so it may well exceed that supernova.

Comet Garradd and M71

Comet Garradd passed M71 in Sagitta on the evening of August 26th.

Nick Howes

I've been following Comet Garradd since the last new-Moon period, and I'm pleased to report that it's coming along nicely. It's now a rival for the northern sky's best deep-sky objects, it shares a binocular field of view with the wonderful Coathanger asterism, and it passes through the Coathanger on Friday, September 2nd.

I also checked up on asteroid 4 Vesta, which is currently being orbited by the Dawn spacecraft. It currently forms a nice "double star" with 4th-magnitude Psi Capricorni.

And if you live just a little south of me in the eastern U.S., don't forget the occultation of Delta Scorpii in the early evening of Saturday, September 3rd.


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Jack nelson

October 1, 2011 at 12:56 am

Hi my son jack is only 6. He is a keen astrologer. I have bought him his first telescope. For some reason when we look through the eye hole its just black. I havnt got a clue. So if you or anyone have any ideas how to rectify this as a mother of a 6 yr old I would appreciate any feed back

Thsank you sara

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July 21, 2012 at 8:05 pm

I keep hearing about this. Do you have any information?

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