Whether you're new to stargazing or an old hand, you'll find our annual SkyWatch publication the perfect guide to stargazing throughout the year. Check out a sample sky chart for free!

Here at Sky & Telescope we don’t just produce Sky & Telescope (gasp!). We also produce a couple of annual publications. One of them is SkyWatch, which is basically S&T for beginners. In SkyWatch we preview the entire year’s celestial delights, giving you a crash course — minus the bruises — in how you can start exploring the universe overhead.

SkyWatch 2014

Sky & Telescope

Of course, it’s also useful for more experienced stargazers: among its many perks, it includes 13 big evening sky charts that take you through an entire year-plus (December through December) of observing.

SkyWatch 2014 is on newsstands now, and you can download or order your copy here:

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To give you a look at what SkyWatch offers, we’re posting a free PDF of the November 2013 chart and guide. This one is updated from the chart that appears in SkyWatch 2013, so even if you have that issue you should print this one out (or download it to your favorite device) and take it with you when you go outside this month. It’s perfect for enjoying those after-dinner hours on Thanksgiving — why watch TV when you can watch the greatest show off Earth?

Download the November 2013 SkyWatch sky chart for free!

The chart is drawn for 40° north latitude, but it’ll give you a rough idea of the sky even if you’re somewhat north or south of that line.

Not in the Northern Hemisphere? Don’t despair: you can still use our free Interactive Sky Chart. All you need is a (free) login account for our website and the latest Java. (And remember to disable pop-ups for your web browser, too.)


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