It’s definitely not summer anymore, so before you head out make sure you’re dressed warmly.

Before twilight fades, look very low down and a couple of fists to the left of the sunset point to spot the faint glimmer of Mars. Don’t confuse it with the reddish star Antares, which is a little to the left early in the month and below Mars later on.

Late-evening sky scene in early October

Here's the scene in the eastern sky in early October at about 11 p.m.

Sky & Telescope diagram

Be a little patient, and you can spot Jupiter on the opposite side of the sky, leaping up over the eastern horizon at about 10 p.m. as October opens.

The Great Square of Pegasus rears up in the east as it gets dark. Tipped up on one corner, the Square represents the body of the mythical horse which, right now, is on its back in the sky.

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